Therapeutic Supports

Our Therapists

Banksia Support Services is passionate about collaborative, multidisciplinary, family centred practices. We have partnered with a dedicated team of Allied Health providers and Educators who collaborate to ensure that all services offered are holistic and evidence based. This includes Speech Pathologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists.

We encourage all our families to attend and become involved in their child’s therapeutic program.

Where possible, therapeutic supports will be offered in the family's home, child's school or preschool so that our goals and strategies are always 'real world' focused and transferable to the most important environments in the child's life. 

Our team comprises of:

Behaviour Support Practitioners

Behaviour Support Practitioners are responsible for assessing, designing, evaluating, implementing, and monitoring Behaviour support plans and interventions for individuals. These may include Restricted Practices and our Behaviour Support specialists are skilled in assisting families reduce and develop fade out plans for using restricted practices to manage ‘challenging’ behaviour.

 Speech Pathologist

A certified practicing Speech pathologist sees children who have difficulty talking, communicating, or understanding speech and language. They can help families find ways to encourage their child to communicate in the most effective way they can, including using AAC (Augmentative or Alternative Communication). Speech Pathologists can also work with children who have difficulty eating or drinking.

Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist

Psychologists work closely with parents, carers, and their families to support them and teach them strategies to help them cope with challenges. This assistance may take the form of counselling, workshops, group time, helping develop social networks, organising time-out or simply having a chat over a coffee. Additionally, our psychologists can complete psychometric assessments and in appropriate circumstances, diagnostic assessments.


Educators develop your child’s learning skills, particularly focusing on problem solving, thinking, basic concept development, memory, attention, and school readiness. They can suggest ideas to families and preschools to assist with behaviour management, social skills and preparing them for school.

Early Childhood Educators

Early childhood educators assist in the implementation of programs planned by your child’s therapist or teacher, sets up activities for therapy sessions, contributes to recorded observations and may also visit schools, preschools, or long day care centres to work with your child.


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