Client Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities

Banksia Support Services will support parents/carers and children to understand and fulfil your responsibilities. 

These responsibilities include:

  • Respecting Banksia Support Services staff that work with you and help to maintain a safe environment for us to work in.
  • Actively participating in the service you receive, including being part of all decision-making processes relevant to your goals.
  • Actively communicating with Banksia Support Services on changes to your needs and preferences, concerns, or complaints you have and feedback on the quality of the service you receive.
  • Paying agreed fees within agreed times. 
  • Working with Banksia Support Services staff to ensure their agreed goals and desires are achieved.

Banksia Support Services will always:

  • Respect the rights of all individuals.
  • Ensure individual privacy, dignity and confidentiality is protected.
  • Ensure parents/carers and children are in control of their support and are the ones to make decisions on choices that affect them and the service they receive.
  • Provide quality services that meet the needs and preferences of the individual supported.
  • Respect the individual, their circumstances, lifestyle, cultural, religious, and personal beliefs, and choices.
  • Operate in an environment free from discrimination financial, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Provide information to support individuals to make informed choices in a format that is appropriate, age-related, culturally sensitive, and accessible.
  • Charge fees that comply with legislative requirements and are appropriate to the service being received.
  • Encourage and support individuals to raise complaints and have the complaints resolved in a satisfactory way.
  • Work with families to understand changes in their needs and preferences and modify support when needed or requested.
  • Work transparently and with integrity, respect and open communication.


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